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What Is a Lip Tattoo?

Lip tattoos are one of the latest cosmetic trends. Pigmentation is tattooed into your lips so that they remain perfectly tinted throughout the day, and so you save time on reapplying your makeup looks.

Curious to learn more? Please keep reading to learn how lip tattoos work, how long they last, and why they’re so popular.

How Are They Applied?

Known as permanent makeup, lip tattoos can be made to emulate lipstick, lip-blush, or lip-liner. The cosmetic pigment is tattooed into the papillary layer of your lips using a special cosmetic tattoo machine.

How Long Do They Last?

Depending on your genetics, maintenance, exposure to the sun, and aftercare, these cosmetic tattoos can last anywhere between one and three years. To keep the intensity of colour, some people like to have top-ups over the three years.


  • These cosmetic tattoos can make lips look fuller. Particularly as we age, lips tend to lose height and plumpness, and permanent tattoos can help to combat this.
  • You can improve your lip shape with a cosmetic tattoo – the procedure can help them to look bigger or more pronounced.
  • If you wish you had a brighter shade of natural pigmentation, you can achieve this with a permanent lip tattoo. For some people having more pigmentation can make all the difference to their face’s overall luminosity.


  • As with any procedure, there are a few risks. There is a risk of infection with cosmetic lip tattoos if the area is not correctly treated afterward. This is why careful aftercare is recommended.
  • After the procedure, you will likely experience some swelling and perhaps even bruising. If you do, these effects should calm down with care. If they persist, or if you experience are particularly severe reaction, seek medical care immediately.


  • Always research the cosmetic artist before booking. Look for someone with experience, training, great reviews, and someone who emphasizes their hygienic practices on their website.
  • You can also research the products used by the cosmetic artist. Usually, the cosmetic pigment is made of mostly natural substances, which reduces your chances of having a severe reaction, and aids your recovery.
  • Your tattoo will swell and flake, so aftercare is essential. This will make all the difference to the outcome of your procedure.

The Breakdown

So whether you are looking for brighter pigmentation, plumpness, a fuller shape, or you are simply sick of applying lipstick every day, a lip tattoo could be an excellent procedure for you. By working with the right technician and following proper aftercare, you can achieve the lips you’ve always dreamed of.

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