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Ombre / Powder Brows

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The ‘Ombre Brow’ is a permanent makeup technique that creates a soft-shaded brow pencil look. The brows are shaded to the perfect shape, sparse areas are filled in and a gradient effect is created.

Ombre brows are often referred to as ‘Powder Brows’. They are the same technique, just with different names. Ombre brows are great for any skin type, even oily skin, and are the go-to choice for anyone who is not a suitable candidate for microblading.

Ombre brows provide a fuller, more defined and dramatic look and generally last for up to 5 years, although colour boost top-ups are required to maintain them properly.

For beautifully pixellated ombre brows

Ombre brows are applied using a highly specialised cosmetic machine. A skilled artist is required to create perfectly pixelated dots through the brow. This creates a powder-like shaded brow look that starts light at the front of the brow and transitions to a darker look at the tail.

Your treatment session lasts 2 to 3 hours. I will map your new eyebrow shape to work in synchronicity with your facial features and bone structure.  When we have agreed on a style and you are ready to proceed, the shading begins.

A few weeks after the treatment it is best to come back for a touch-up so we can check the results and make sure the pigment has correctly settled and healed. if any adjusments are required, these can be performed during your top-up session 6 weeks after your initial appointment.

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