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Here at Looks by Liyah, we specialise in all things permanent makeup. Liyah is an expert in creating the most natural brows, subtle lips, seductive eyes and so much more. Book a consultation and let’s discuss the look that will best suit your look.

We take the time to plan your given needs, creating the most perfect look for you. We are conveniently located within Manchester. Get in touch and I’ll gladly assist you with any questions you may have!

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My Most Popular Services


If eyes are the window to the soul then the brows are the frames; make sure they're on point!

Lip Blush

Want fuller, luscious and sexy lips? I've got you covered!


You'll never have to worry about applying that winged eyeliner in the morning ever again.

Microblading Training Now in Manchester

Are you looking to level up your Permanent makeup business? Looks by Liyah is now offering a fully comprehensive Microblading course right here in Manchester! If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can find more information here on our microblading training page or you can get in touch below to secure your spot for the next course coming soon!

Get to Know Me

I discovered my passion for creativity from a very young age, and more or less lived for art through my high school years. Every day I would return home from school and work on various projects, so I guess it was no surprise when my passion for art became my career.

I perform and train microblading and various permanent makeup services including Ombre and combo brows, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lipstick lip blush.

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"Absolutely love my eyebrow tattoo!"